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Tongue Piercing

Body Piercing Location Information: Tongue Piercing


Most people who have their tongues pierced will tell you that it is their favourite piercing. Mainly this is because it is one of the few piercings that you are comfortably aware of most of the time. It is renowned for being fantastic for oral sex and is still considered to be provocative and shocking. Tongue Piercing can also be traced back to the ancient Central American civilisations where it was performed as a ritual.

It is known as one of the least painful piercings to have with the only uncomfortable part being the few days after, during which the tongue swells. The healing process usually takes around two weeks with 3-5 days swelling. For 2-3 days it can be difficult to chew your food (time to eat loads of ice cream, soup and mashed potato). Anything that keeps the swelling down is good; ice cream, ice-cubes, cold drinks etc. all help with this. Try to avoid drinking too many hot drinks as this can have the opposite effect and cause the tongue to swell. Also try to avoid drinking too much alcohol (or taking any drugs) as this can encourage the tongue to stay swollen for longer. Tongue piercings are initially fitted with a long barbell to allow for the swelling. We recommend changing this to a shorter barbell once your tongue has healed (usually about two weeks). Shorter barbells start at around £6.50 and there is now a huge selection of funky and different tongue bar to choose from one your piercing is healed enough to change! The tongue can also be pierced a number of times for a more individual style. As with other mouth piercings avoid antibacterial mouthwashes as we find that this is both unnecessary and can delay healing.

Healing time is on average 2 weeks.
Age restriction is from 14 years and upwards.

Tongue Piercing Prices:

We strictly pierce with Implant Grade Titanium
Prices for a Tongue Piercing starts at £50.
We have a wide variety of styles to choose from instore!