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Body Piercing Material Information: Steel

Stainless steels are categorised into four general classes, based on composition: 200 series steel contains chromium, nickel and manganese, 300 series contains chromium and nickel, 400 series contains chromium and 500 series contains low chromium. The most corrosion resistant are 300 series steels, hence their popularity for medical implants and body jewellery. However, not all 300 series steels are suitable for invasive body piercing applications.

All stainless steel jewellery supplied by Flux is made from three types of steel, Composition D Implantation Steel, 316L surgical Steel, and 316LVM Surgical Steel. Although these high grades all contain nickel, they do not release nickel salts into the body and do not induce contact nickel dermatitis. Our suppliers have independent laboratory testing certificates on file indicating that nickel evolution is below 0.01ug/cm2/week. All steels supplied by Flux meet the annex criteria in the EU Nickel directive and can be used indefinitely worldwide for secondary piercing applications.

Surgical Stainless Steels (316L) are used for bone fixation screws, body pins, bone plates, total joint prosthetics, bone nails, wires, mandibular wire mesh, staples, intercranial drainage valves, amongst many other applications. Body jewellery listed here is manufactured from equivalent or higher standard material. We do not play or gamble with your health. Some disreputable suppliers are offering 303 steel jewellery, a high sulphur easy machining steel. 303 steels elicit negative reactions in nickel sensitive persons (14% in test studies) and should be avoided at all costs.

Much of our steel jewellery has been electropolished. This is a sophisticated surface finishing technique, where electrochemical activity slowly erodes a thin layer from the surface of the jewellery resulting in MICROSMOOTHING. The resultant surface is ultra smooth and crevice free. It has a higher surface integrity and efficiency than jewellery polished by other means.