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Nose Piercing

Body Piercing Location Information: Nose Piercing


This piercing started becoming popular in the west, back in the 1960s and 70s from young (hippie) travellers venturing abroad to places like India and seeing it out there and then bringing the idea back to the UK. Nose piercing can, however, be traced back 4000 years to the Middle East from where it was bought to India in the 16th Century by Moghul emperors. Over the last few decades nose piercing has become much more socially acceptable with many celebrities such as Madonna and Sinead O'Connor having their noses pierced.

We can initially fit nose piercings with a small jewelled or plain stud or a ball closure ring, to allow for easy cleaning. The studs used do not have 'butterfly clips' to hold them on but are instead bent into a curved shape on the inside to keep them from falling out. The ball closure rings do have a ball on them, but if the look of a smooth segment ring is wanted the ball can be worn inside the nostril. The nostril takes around 12 weeks to heal and once healed can be changed to a different stud, smooth segment ring or a ball closure ring if required. We can also pierce with internally threaded high grade titanium nostril labret bars, or bioplast retainers should the piercing need to be hidden for work/school.

Healing time is on average 12 weeks.
Age restriction is from 14 years and upwards.

Nostril, Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each
Plain Titanium Stud £40.00
Jewelled Titanium Stud £40.00
Plain Titanium Ball Closure Ring £40.00
Zircon Gold/Blackline (PVD coated Titanium) Ball Closure Ring  £44.00
Internally Threaded Jewelled Nostril Labret £48.00
Bioplast Retainer £40.00


The septum is the piece of skin between the nostrils and was one of the most popular facial piercings back in the 70's (within the gay and S&M scenes) because of the ease with which it can be hidden. Septum piercing was, and still is, widely practised amongst primitive tribal peoples, many of which are warrior cultures. Septum tusks can be seen in India, Tibet, Nepal and amongst the tribes in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Isles and we can trace it's roots right back to the ancient civilisations such as the Incas, Aztecs and the Mayans.

The placement of this piercing should be through the soft tissue and not through the cartilage, as this would make it very uncomfortable for the wearer and would take a very long time (if not be impossible) to heal. We can initially fit septum piercings with a retainer which are great if you need to hide your piercing as they make it pretty much invisible whilst it is healing or a cirular barbell, if you are happy for it to show. We have different gauges and metal finishes to choose from so you can choose the look you want! Once the piercing has healed the wearer can then experiment with different sizes and styles of jewellery to suit them. We have a large selection of septum jewellery in store including clickers, brass clickers and opal clickers!

Healing time is on average 9-12 weeks.

Septum, Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each
Titanium Septum Retainer £44.00
Plain Titanium Ball Closure Ring £45.00
Titanium Circular Barbell £45.00
Plain Zircon Gold/Blackline Ball Closure Ring (PVD Coated Titanium) £48.00
Zircon Gold/Blackline Circular Barbell (PVD Coated Titanium) £48.00