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Navel (Belly Button) Piercing

Body Piercing Location Information: Navel Belly Button Piercing

Navel (Belly Button)

Navel piercing has now become one of the most popular piercings seen on the streets of the UK. It is still more popular with women, but there are quite a few men who have it pierced too. In the early 90's Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington were seen sporting navel piercings and it's popularity has grown ever since.

The average healing time is between four and six months but navels can take anywhere up to eighteen months to heal in some people - so be prepared to keep up the cleaning for that long. We initially pierce with either a bananabell or a ball closure ring. The most popular jewellery option is to initially fit a navel piercing with a bananabell as they come in so many colour, material and jewel variations and tend to catch less than rings during the healing process. We always leave a small amount of room to allow for swelling and for it to be easily cleaned.

We also keep a selection of Anatometal nave curves sterilised and ready to pierce with if you would like to treat yourself to the premium jewellery range. Please contact us or pop in to see which styles we have in store!

It is important to keep waistbands away whilst this piercing is healing as they can cause irritation and migration of the piercing (if the piercing is held crooked while healing it can end up crooked) We have a huge selection of navel jewellery that the piercings can be changed to once healed please feel free to pop in to take a look or browse through our website!

Please note: Although we will pierce navels down to our age limit of 14 years with parental consent, piercings performed on under 16 year olds increase the risk of "growing out" or rejection.

Healing time is on average 4 - 6 months.
Age restriction is from 14 years and upwards.

Navel Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each
Plain Titanium Ball Closure Ring (silver coloured) £40.00
Jewelled Titanium Ball Closure Ring (assorted colours) £42.00
Plain Zircon Gold/Blackline Ball Closure Ring (PVD coated titanium) £46.00
Jewelled Zircon Gold/Blackline Ball Closure Ring £48.00
Plain Titanium Bananabell/Mini Bananabell (assorted colours) £40.00
Jewelled Titanium Bananabell/Mini Bananabell (assorted colours) £42.00
Double Jewelled Titanium Bananabell/Mini Bananabell (assorted colours) £44.00
Jewelled Zircon Gold/Blackline Bananabell (assorted colours) £48.00
Double Jewelled Zircon Gold/Blackline Bananabell / Mini Bananabell (assorted colours) £50.00