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Microdermal Piercing

Microdermals are a relatively new style of piercing that we have been performing here at Flux since early 2007. They are a single point surface piercing and can be placed in many new and different places on the body where until now it has not been feasible to pierce. Microdermals consist of a small flat plate placed approximately 2mm under the surface of the skin with a post connecting it to the surface. It is then possible to screw a number of different sized, coloured and jewelled plates into this post to give the look of a single flat stud. Skin Divers are similar, although they have a smaller section under the skin so in our experience, even though they are quicker to insert, they do not tend to last as long as microdermals. Skin Divers do not always have interchangeable heads, however their small and flatness can make them particularly suitable for forming patterns and piercing in small areas like fingers. We can make some fabulous patterns with these versatile piercings, can decorate tattoos and there are popular placements on the arms, cheekbone, back (either just above the waistband or up and down the spine), hips and chest. They are, however, just sitting under the surface of the skin, so you do need to be careful with them as they don’t like getting knocked and, like any surface piercing, they can be prone to rejection or ‘growing out’. If you have ideas of placements and would like to discuss with us the best option please feel free to contact us and we be happy to guide you!

Microdermal & Skin Diver healing times is on average 4 weeks
Age restriction is from 16 years and upwards.

Microdermal Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each For Two For Three
Titanium Microdermal stud with jewelled or plain top £45.00 £85.00 £125.00


Skin Diver Piercing Prices:


Jewellery Material Each For Two For Three
Titanium Skin Diver stud with jewelled or plain top £45.00 £85.00 £125.00