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Lip Piercing

Body Piercing Location Information: Lip Piercing

Madonna/Monroe/Lip/Labret/Medusa/Vertical Labret/Cheek

Many Central African and South American tribes practice labret piercing where large plates made of clay and wood or pins of ivory, bone wood and metal are inserted and in Alaska and Canada Inuits traditionally wear labrets made fom materials such as bone, obsidian, abalone shell and walrus ivory. Labret piercing can, however, be traced back to the Mayans and the Aztecs who wore labrets made from gold inset with precious stones.

Madonna, Lip and Labret piercings are always pierced with a stud because a ring that is big enough to allow for swelling will not look how you want it to look (trust us on this!) and can be uncomfortable during healing. The stud will allow for a bit of swelling and once the healing process is over may need to be shortened. There is a variety of sizes of studs available to suit each individual's tastes including different metal colours, jewels and opals. These piercings are usually pretty quick at healing at around four to six weeks for most people. Most people will experience swelling of some kind during the first few days or so. This varies a huge amount from person to person but is nothing to worry about. Ibuprofen tablets such as Neurofen and Homeopathic Arnica can help to reduce this swelling and keep it to a minimum. A salt water mouthwash should be used twice a day (in addition to cleaning the outside in the usual way as explained on the aftercare page) to just give the inside a helping hand. Please avoid using any kind of antibacterial mouthwash as we find that these are too strong and can delay healing.

Healing time is on average 4 weeks.
Age restriction is from 14 years and upwards.

Madonna and Lip Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each
Plain Titanium Labret Stud (silver coloured) £40.00
Jewelled Titanium Labret Stud (assorted colours) £43.00
Plain Zircon Gold/Blackline Labret Stud (PVD coated titanium) £46.00
Jewelled Zircon Gold/Blackline Labret Stud (PVD coated titanium)  


Opal Internally Threaded Titanium Labret Stud