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Eyebrow Piercing

Body Piercing Location Information: Eyebrow Piercing


Eyebrows can be pierced with either a barbell or a ball closure ring (BCR) in differing gauges dependant on personal preference. Traditional placement is usually found by taking a diagonal line from the outer corner of the mouth to the outer corner of the eye and then up to the eyebrow. You can, however, pierce your eyebrow a number of times or further along the eyebrow to achieve a more individual style. The eyebrow piercing can be susceptible to rejection ('growing out'). Once healed ball closure rings can be worn in a large selection of materials or barbells with threaded accessories (such as forward facing jewels, funky shapes, spikes and cones) again in a large range of materials.

Healing time is on average 6-8 weeks.
Age restriction is from 14 years and upwards.

Eyebrow Piercing Prices:

Jewellery Material Each
Plain Titanium Barbell / Ball Closure Ring (silver coloured) £40.00
Plain Zircon Gold/Blackline Barbell/ Ball Closure Ring (PVD coated titanium) £46.00